2023 Virtual Sex Work Updates


I know I have been gone for a while, but I didn’t stop playing Second Life. I’ve been logged into my client’s accounts assisting them with advertising. I did let all of my ads go and gave them to clients since I knew I would be taking an extended break from actively doing virtual sex work. I still think Second Life is a great way for online sex workers to advertise their services. While there is a learning curve, it’s worth figuring out because there are many potential customers in the virtual space. COVID was an extremely busy time for my virtual sex business since everyone was stuck at home bored. While some have seen a slowdown in business within the past year or so, others have not. Someone who knows how to advertise will always make money. Virtual sex workers shouldn’t just rely on Second Life to market. Having a blog is a great way for potential customers to find you by searching for keywords in search engines.

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