Advertising Adult Services


I’m back with a great update! I know it can be a struggle to get creative with advertising adult services. My new land is finished being landscaped and partially open for business. I welcome online sex workers to contact me to get store space on my new land to advertise your services.

Escort land and mp3 and clip content stores in Second Life

This opportunity is currently only open for virtual sex workers who are familiar with Second Life and currently have content to sell. I will verify that you’re an active online sex worker. I want the stores to be updated as much as possible to give potential customers fresh content to purchase. I’m driving traffic to the sim from different sources so the bodies will be there to purchase content. I only have a few store spaces left. Email me at or message me inworld at sarabimaraj to get your store space. Once space is full and you’re still wanting a spot, I’ll put your name on a waiting list and contact you when I have availability. I only have three spaces left.

Other Advertising Options

There is an opportunity for those who want to utilize Second Life to gain clients without physically playing. I offer this option to phone sex companies, adult sites, online sex workers, sexters, etc. Email me for more information. Update: There currently is a waiting list for this option.

I have to get the club decorated and then I’ll be opening the land to the public. I have decided to go a different route with The Wages of Sin. I’ll reveal more about this once I’m officially ready to open.

The Virtual Sex Academy inworld sim will be opening in January 2023. I have more to say, but I wanted to keep this post short with a brief update.


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