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In virtual sex work, advertising cam shows may seem challenging at first. When I first joined Second Life, I joined solely to make money. This girl I knew worked at a virtual club and paid all her real-life bills doing so. She only did phone sex at the time, but eventually, she went independent, got her own land, and started offering cam shows. Cam shows will usually make you the most money in the least amount of time. While this may sound appealing, you first have to find ways for customers to find you.

Ad Boards

If you’re already playing Second Life, you know that ad boards are the best way to advertise your services. It’s important to purchase ad space in high-traffic areas where your audience visits. If you advertise that you’re a poly virtual sex worker who enjoys group sex, then you’ll want to advertise in clubs and other establishments where this type of clientele visits such as sex beaches. I can’t emphasize enough that most of your job will be advertising/promotion. A lot of people read my blog and see my earnings I post on Twitter and believe that this work is easy. When I first started, I didn’t just login and get clients. I was always researching new places to advertise at inworld and I made sure to visit sex sims throughout the day. I still spend 8-10 hrs/day advertising my services in both Second Life and my other online sex work like OnlyFans.

High traffic sims like Escort Oasis rarely have available ad space. While they do always have rotating ads available, still ads where only you are being advertised are usually better. Ads cost 500L/week at Escort Oasis. If you’re a cam model, you can get verified and join the cam group for Escort Oasis. You’ll also be able to purchase ad space for 100L/week near the landing point under verified cam models. I suggest getting verified since this has helped me get more clients.

Public Sex Sim

I have available ad space at my sex sim The Wages of Sin for advertising cam shows. Traffic has begun to pick up, however I’m still not hiring new strippers or escorts at this time. I do have a freelance opportunity available for virtual sex workers on my sim. There is a public sex house I’m currently building on my sex sim. There will be tip jars and poles available for those who wish to provide services. I’ll provide more information when the public sex house is complete.

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