Advertising OnlyFans in Second Life


There are many things that online sex workers can sell in virtual worlds, and that includes advertising OnlyFans. I’m always expressing how great virtual worlds are for selling online sex services for several reasons. You can literally sell anything in Second Life that you normally would sell elsewhere.

Advertising OnlyFans in Second Life is a great way to gain more subscribers and earn more cash. Lately, virtual sex workers in Second Life have been discussing advertising their OnlyFans pages inworld. There are many ways to do this. The obvious is renting ad boards in high-traffic sims like Escort Oasis. Some of the virtual sex workers I know link their OnlyFans and other fanclub pages in their notecard that shows pricing for services. Some place their fanclub links in their profile. I do the later and have received sign-ups from Second Life.

It’s a Numbers Game

The more traffic you receive to your fanclub account(s) the more opportunity you have to make more money. It’s simple. I tell online sex workers all the time that they need to implement as many advertising techniques as possible to make money. Each week you need to get more creative so you can see greater rewards.

I want to dig a bit deeper into getting more traffic to OnlyFans for virtual sex workers.

Everyone in Second Life has the ability to create groups. Virtual sex workers can use this to their advantage. There are several groups escorts can advertise their services and fanclub account(s) in. Online sex workers can also create their own group(s) to assist in advertising their OnlyFans account(s).

Second Life Advertising Groups

Here are a few groups in Second Life virtual sex workers can advertise in:

Fanclub Girls – My group! It’s extremely new! We will see a boost in subscribers once our adult sim is complete in the next month. Join here: secondlife:///app/group/2d4f0195-8467-4666-0f68-a887892e6f8b/about

I LOVE SELL MY RL PICS – Group members can sell their rl pics. One idea to try out, is to advertise your fanclub content links in the group. Join here: secondlife:///app/group/7cee2053-bca3-3432-d576-e3b93fb2df3b/about

FREELANCE Escorts- Group members are free to advertise their services in the group chat. I believe this includes fanclub memberships. Join here: secondlife:///app/group/925d2f73-c05a-0e1c-75f3-5caa191101d2/about

Adult Advertising & Spam – Virtual sex workers can join and advertise any of their services in the group. Join here: secondlife:///app/group/1bf4c2ae-ad02-c65a-82cf-7f26aab69179/about

There are many more groups, but these are the few that I’m in. Some are more active than others. I know some virtual sex workers that advertise in groups every time they log in. Sometimes they see results, sometimes they don’t. It doesn’t hurt to try.

Virtual World Advertising

I think every online sex worker should give virtual world advertising a try. It doesn’t hurt to learn a new way to advertise services. Your big whale may be on one of these Second Life sex sims waiting for you. You never know.

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