I remember when I started playing Second Life and Red Light Center and thinking that virtual sex work was the next big thing. During the pandemic, more people started joining virtual worlds looking for ways to connect with other people. Virtual worlds are also great tools for advertising sex work.

If you’re an online sex worker looking for new ways to advertise your services, then tune in. I always emphasize that it’s important to find new creative ways to reach clients. For example, I was mentioned in an article by Wired a year ago that discussed the lockdown and how sex workers were using Animal Farm and Second Life to make more money. I honestly hadn’t even thought about using Animal Farm as a way to keep my subs and slaves busy until I read the article. It’s all about finding creative ways to make more money.

The global pandemic has forced online sex workers to get creative and find new ways to market their services. It’s no secret that social media has made it harder for sex workers to get the word out about their services. This is why it’s important to use as many avenues as you can to maximize your earning potential.

Virtual Sex Work Webinar

So for the past year, I’ve been thinking of having a webinar for online sex workers who want to transition into virtual sex work. The webinar will be surface-level information meaning it will go in more depth than my articles but won’t go as deep as my paid training. I’ll provide more details on the webinar once the time comes.

Questions now about advertising sex work? Email me at virtualsexworkinfo@gmail.com.


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