Becoming a virtual sex worker


Becoming a virtual sex worker is starting to be a very popular search term. Many think that making a full time income in a virtual world is unbelievable, but I would hope the majority of you would be able to comprehend the earning potential here. I’ve shown you all my earnings before on my Twitter accounts, but I’ll post them here.

I will not always post my earnings because I feel as long as you see proof of what I’m saying and I show you the way, that’s all that matters. I made over $200 in about 10 minutes this time. On this day, I logged in and a long-time whale of mine cashed me out. This wasn’t for a service, this was “just because” money. I’ve been actively playing as a virtual sex worker for years now so I have established clientele and have my marketing down to a science so making money like this when I log in is normal. While of course, it may take me longer than 10 minutes in some cases, I can easily make that same amount in less than 8 hrs. I’ve done it before and I continue to do it to this day.

If you read my last blog post, I discussed how I was going through something and ditched all my ad boards in Second Life but decided to come back later. Many emailed me and asked how my earnings were affected. They weren’t. As soon as I logged back in I received messages from my established clients wanting escorting services and content. I did put my ads back up in high-traffic areas such as Escort Oasis and Tramps but even if I didn’t, I would still make money because I have the clients.

Virtual Escorting

Becoming a virtual sex worker can include many things. Some sell voice and texting sessions while others just offer virtual sex. I’ve encountered some very high-end virtual escorts that are very strict when it comes to their offering and still make bank. Why? Because they were consistent. They stick to what they want and don’t settle for less. They don’t advertise to wankers and make sure potential clients know they will have to pay higher prices for a unique experience. My pricing is considered on the higher end which does keep away a lot of freebie seekers. I still do get the occasional jerk who tries to get something for nothing, but I don’t argue. I block and move on. There are way too many potential customers in the metaverse to worry about one loser.

While the money is there, it can take months to get a steady flow of customers. If you’re already an online sex worker looking to expand your services and marketing, I would advise looking into making money on Second Life as a virtual escort. I know it may seem like a lot to learn, but I am revamping my self-paced classes and turning them mostly into videos where you follow along with me while I work everyday as a virtual sex worker. I’ll be showing you everything that I do to make money in my training videos. I won’t show interactions with my clients, but I will show you how I market.

Pro Tip 💡 If you already have experience playing Second Life, then don’t wait on my classes to start advertising. Visit high-traffic areas such as Escort Oasis and Tramps to look into purchasing ad space. Set aside a weekly advertising budget. If you need help putting together your notecard advertising your services, message me inworld at sarabimaraj.

Virtual Sex Work Academy

If you want to be notified as soon as my courses are live, email me at Things are moving quicker than I imagined so by October everything will be complete.


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