How To Make Money in Second Life


There are many ways to learn how to make money in Second Life, but on this blog we focus on the adult side of things. Virtual sex has turned into a big money maker for some online sex workers. With YouTube, blogs(like mine), and other resources, virtual worlds such as Second Life have become more popular. I told my story a while ago on my other blog on how I joined Second Life and got into selling virtual sex services.

There are many avenues you could try to make money.

Become a Virtual Stripper

Virtual stripping is big business on the adult side of Second Life. There are dozens of strip clubs that are always hiring and some even cater to fetish specific clientele. There are also a few members only clubs that have a membership fee attached for patrons. Some are even more private than that and only feature a couple dancers. I worked at a couple of clubs before going completely independent but this was back in 2015-2016. If you want to get started making money right away, I suggest applying at multiple clubs and while dancing freelance at Escort Oasis. Learn as much as you can while working at clubs. You can learn a lot on how to run your business and effective marketing strategies.

Going completely independent can take time. You’ll have to establish your clients on your own, take care of advertising, have a venue to entertain clients, etc. A lot goes into it just like with any other business.

Virtual Escort Services

Many strippers in Second Life also provide escort services. Some escort men to parties while others provide sensual services in the privacy of their homes or a mixture of both. I have a sim where my club, mp3 and video stores, and private home reside. Whenever someone wants a session, I entertain them at the Wages of Sin Club on the sim and my VIP clients get the option of coming to my private home. I have ads posted all over Second Life that cater to my target audience and receive hits daily which I convert in multiple ways. Whenever I login I make money. Sometimes when I don’t login, I still make money. I’ve been doing this for years though and have built up my clientele and find new creative ways to gain new customers.

Sell Content

Have videos uploaded to sites? Have your own password protected video links? You can make money from your content by selling it in the virtual space. Selling content can be as simple or as complex as you wish. I have content stores on my sim with products in vendors that customers can purchase. I sell my pictures, mp3s, and videos. is the service I use to upload my content. They are adult friendly and with certain plans you can generate password protected links for your content. I find this extremely beneficial especially when delivering customs. I go through setting up stores in consultations.

There are always clients looking for content to purchase inworld.

Learning how to make money in Second Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Figure out your niche and focus on attracting your target audience. Be consistent and you will see results.

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