Purchase Second Life Advertising

Second Life Advertising Options for Online Sex Workers

I realize that some don’t have the time to put the work and effort into advertising their services on Second Life.  This is why I am now offering an inworld advertising option for online sex workers who don’t want to learn how to play Second Life.  I currently offer two options.

Option 1

$75 due upfront

Includes set up of Second life account, research of niche for inworld ads, purchase of ad boards up to 10 boards, and statistics.

The $75 fee includes 1 month of advertising and monitoring.  Afterwards, the per month fee ranges depending on managing of ads, etc.  

Option 2

$125 due upfront

This is a more extensive package.  This includes everything in option one plus I also interact with customers on your avatar and visit sex sims.

This includes 1 month of monitoring. 

*Extras such as renting out store spaces, attending events, etc. are considered add ons and cost extra.  Inquire for pricing.  I do not train you with these advertising options.  I will sign into your Second Life account and purchase ads.  If you need training, that’s a separate cost.