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So I posted this in a private pso forum but I wanted to also leave it here as a quick get started virtual sex work guide. I know some of you are already active players on Second Life and want to transition into virtual sex work. It can be hard trying to figure out things on your own so use these tips below.

  • Create a notecard that lists your services and pricing. Once you’re on Second Life, I can send you a sample notecard if you like. This makes it so much easier when you run into potential customers. You can send them your notecard with everything outlined.
  • Purchase ads at Escort Oasis. It’s the most significant and oldest sex sim on Second Life. It’s geared towards virtual freelance strippers, escorts, etc. You can also work there and make money. Of course, there will be guys trying to get freebies, but that’s everywhere. If someone messages you, send them your notecard. Some will bite and some won’t. That’s just business.
  • Never message first. Guys will message you then it’s your job to convert them.
  • Once you get more experienced you’ll learn your way around the sex sims and see where your target customers are. I suggest visiting different sex sims every time you log in to get clients. There are always some lonely horny guys cruising the sex sims. They’ll pay if the offer is presented to them in the right way.
  • Purchase ads at several sex sims. Some allow freelancers to post ads. You’ll want to look at the traffic stats and visit these places at different times. Some clubs have freelance ads which can help to drum up business as well. But you can’t stand around at the clubs of course. You can only post your ad and then teleport out.
  • Later down the road, I suggest investing in your business more by purchasing land and opening a content store or maybe a small club of your own. Having a content store is a great way to have passive income. You don’t have to be online for people to purchase your content. You just need to make it available for them to purchase. You can even receive notifications to your email when you receive a sale. You could also split the land you purchase. One side could be a residential side where you can be to yourself when you need to relax and have a moment, and the other side could be the business one where you have your content store, club, etc. This is what I do.
  • Include your links to your phone sex listings, Onlyfans, or anything else in your profile. I receive clients from Second Life who purchase my content elsewhere, subscribe to my membership site, etc.
  • Create a group that your fans can join and use it like a mailing list. You can send out notices in your group when you have new items in your content store for sale or if you’re available for phone sex, sexting, etc.

These tips should make your transition a little easier. Now of course you’ll have to be consistent. I’ve given other people these same tips plus more and only a small portion stick with it to see the pay off. A lot of people think they’ll see quick money by joining Second Life and advertising virtual sex. Not at all. You’ll need to actually put in the work. Login, visit sex sims, find your target audience, create an interesting offer, build up a client list, be creative, and more! I know it sounds like a lot and it is but I promise it’s worth it.

Click the chat button if you have any questions about where to advertise, the easiest ways to get clients, how you can be a virtual sugar baby, and more!


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