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In 2012, shortly after I joined Second Life, I found myself looking for other money making opportunities in virtual worlds. A virtual game called Red Light Center flashed across my screen from an ad on an affiliate website and quickly piqued my curiosity. After looking over the website, I signed up and literally spent 10 hrs playing in the virtual world.

After signing up on Red Light Center, I quickly learned that this virtual universe was mostly about sex which is exactly what I was looking for. The name Red Light Center should’ve given it away, but for online sex workers this game can help you reach financial freedom. Users who sell online sex services are called Working Girls or Guys. Before we even get into that, users who plan on engaging in sexual activity have to pay a monthly fee of $19.99. To me having users pay this fee and seeing the amount of users who actually do pay this fee shows that there is money to be made in Red Light Center.

Users have to download the software to play the game which wasn’t heavy on my computer, but I do have a gaming desktop. When you first login you find yourself at the welcome hub. From there you can teleport anywhere on the map you like. I eventually purchased a few homes to service clients from so I always land there when I login. There is a lot that goes into creating your avatar and purchasing rays which is the inworld virtual currency, so I will go into that in the guide that I’m creating. For now, I’m going to focus on the making money side of Red Light Center.

Making Money

As I previously stated, Red Light Center is geared towards selling sex. There are brothels, sex clubs, and other sexual venues in RLC or Red Light Center. The users who sells sex services are called Working Girls or Guys. If you decide to sell services in the game, you will be given a tag that will be shown above your avatar’s head showing other users that you’re a working girl or guy. If you want to prove to other users that you’re female or male, you can get a verified working girl or guy tag. I got verified in 2012 when I first started playing RLC. I believe being verified has helped me make more money. The process to becoming verified is very simple.

The great thing about RLC is that the website also has a working girl/guy listing page where potential customers can search for working girls and guys to purchase services from. There is a fee to be shown on this page and it is worth it. Listing or profile pages also include a spot for customers to leave reviews. I will touch on all of this in the guide I’m currently writing.

I made $1,300 my first week of taking Red Light Center seriously and being logged in 5-6 hrs a day 4 days/week. To me, I did great because most of the money I made was from voice sessions or phone sex. I only got on cam once and it was a simple boob worship show. There’s much more money to be made than that.

I have a virtual sex guide/planner in the works. It’s going to be a pdf with accountability steps to take in order to sell your services in virtual worlds. It’s free! To get it, please sign up for my mailing list here:

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