Red Light Center


Red Light Center is another virtual game that is geared specifically toward sex work. In fact, users have to pay a $20 monthly fee to engage in sexual activity. From personal experience, the $20 fee is not much compared to the money that can be made in this specific virtual world.

I personally know several virtual sex workers that advertise their services in a couple of virtual worlds and make a living doing so. We mostly hear about Second Life when it comes to virtual escorting, but there are other worlds to explore to earn a comfortable living. Red Light Center was somewhat popular a decade ago. I remember joining and being glued to my computer screen for 8 hours straight. I learned everything on my own through trial and error. While some of us made decent bank several years ago, it’s now becoming harder for some to gain income in Red Light Center.

RLC Traffic

The traffic in Red Light Center is low compared to other virtual games but this can be seen as an advantage for some virtual sex workers. You already know that users have to pay $20/month to be able to engage in sexual activity in the game. So users that are there that have VIP status(paid the monthly fee) will most likely not be opposed to paying more money for quality services. Use this to your advantage! Remember a room doesn’t have to be full in order for you to get paid.

Bareback Bordello was one of the places I visited frequently like many other virtual sex workers to gain clients. Sadly I haven’t visited in quite some time. My last visit was uneventful due to it being a ghost town. I know I created my blog to help online sex workers see the benefits of advertising services in virtual worlds, but I will always be honest.

Red Light Center or RLC has the potential to be great again. I wouldn’t let the low traffic deter me from playing it. Remember, the $20/month fee shows there are people who want to purchase virtual sex. Your job is to find them or put yourself out there enough for them to find you.

I’ll be discussing RLC more in future articles. If you have questions, email me at


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