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During one of my many adventures of finding new places to advertise services in Second Life, I came across a place I’ve visited several times; The Exchange. The Exchange is a freelance advertising sim that offers virtual sex workers a place to advertise their virtual sex services. Ad boards start at 75L/week, making it an affordable advertising option.

I often find myself wanting to stand around at freelance sims in Second Life, but many don’t allow loitering. However, this isn’t the case with The Exchange. While you can’t just stand around and hassle customers, ladies who purchase ad boards at the sex sim are allowed to stand in the Waiting Room or an area where virtual sex workers can meet potential customers. The Waiting Room is a perfect opportunity for virtual escorts to meet new customers and make money. So I visited The Exchange the other day and decided to purchase an ad board.

Place to advertise virtual sex services

The Exchange – Second Life Virtual Advertising

I actually had an ad board here before about a year ago, but I didn’t keep up with it unfortunately so, I lost my ad space. My ad board was right in front, too, so I received a lot of clicks. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case for me now. My new ad board, I purchased, is in the back, so I’m not sure I’ll experience much traffic from the ad.

Virtual Sex Work Ad board at The Exchange

I don’t even bother with taking pictures of my avatar. My profile and ad boards are always filled with my real pictures. If you’re a cam model or voice escort, make sure you use your real pictures as well. Anyway, this is my ad board in the back of the facility past the Waiting Room.

A way to make more money

The Exchange in Second Life

I’ve noticed that many clubs, including freelance sex sims, have a waiting room of sorts, which gives ladies a way to make more money. The Waiting Room at The Exchange is no different. At my most recent visit to the freelance sim, I did notice a couple of customers in the lounge area, aka the Waiting Room. I never approach customers. I always wait for them to contact me. However, one of the guys there did message me and wanted to set up a session. We’ll see what happens.

Virtual Sex Advertising

I do think that The Exchange is a good place for virtual sex workers to advertise their services. The sim does get good traffic and offers an area for escorts to mingle with potential customers. My ad hasn’t gotten any clicks yet, but a potential client did contact me when I was in the Waiting Room, so we’ll have to see where that goes. All of the ad boards in the front are taken, but I think it would be good to visit the freelance sim once a day to see if any ad boards have become available.

You can visit The Exchange here:

I’ll be doing more reviews on freelance sims and even sex clubs currently hiring virtual sex workers. I’m even thinking of doing some interviews.

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