Virtual Sex Academy


I know I have pushed back the opening of Virtual Sex Academy again, but it’s for good reason!

I finally have a great landscaper for my sex sim, but it won’t be complete until the end of October. Yes, it’s going to take time because there’s a lot to do. So I’ll be pushing the opening of Virtual Sex Academy back to open when my sex sim has its grand opening.

Second Life Sex Sim

I’m so excited about opening this sex sim for online sex workers and clients. I have so many great things to offer virtual escorts to assist in selling their content and services. A few things that will be on my sex sim include:

  • Virtual sex marketplace – stores in the center of the sex sim that virtual sex workers can rent out to sell their content and services. I will have a dedicated member of staff assist in setting up stores for online sex workers. The fee is L$75/week to rent out a store. I’m giving everyone 1 week free.
  • Private members only club – Club that will host two events every month to help clients and virtual sex workers mingle. Virtual sex workers can work these events but you have to be invited to work the event.
  • Adult Escort Club – Public club that is open to all. Events will be held a few times a week. I’ll start hiring ladies in the next 30 days. I need voice escorts, cam models, strippers, and a manager.
  • Virtual Sex Academy campus – This is the campus where inworld courses will take place for Virtual Sex Academy. There will be a main building, buildings where classes take place, and an employment center. There will also be on campus apartments at no extra cost for students. Certain rules will apply for on campus residents.

These are just a few things that will be on the Second Life sex sim. I have many other exciting venues that will be included soon. If you’re in need of a job and have skills in Second Life, please email me at I can also be contacted inworld at sarabimaraj.

To start things out with a bang, everyone will receive 50% off inworld and self-paced classes. I know things are hard financially for many right now, so I want to help where I can. Most of my courses cost $50-$100. Beginner’s courses cost more because I have to teach more of course.

Employment Opportunities

I mentioned earlier that I was hiring for the escort club that will be on my sex sim for a reason. Virtual sex workers with experience and imagination are needed. When clients enter my club, I want them to be given a special unmatched experience. The ideal candidate will have 1-2 years of experience being an escort in Second Life. I need strippers, cam escorts, voice escorts, and a manager. I’m not specifically hiring for text escorts because as a stripper and voice escort, you will also perform texting sessions.

If you’re interested in a job that pays weekly + tips, please email me at or contact me inworld at sarabimaraj. The grand opening for my sim is October 29th. I want to have staff in place by the first week of October.

There’s so much to look forward to this fall!

If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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