Virtual Sex Club


My virtual sex club, The Wages of Sin, is now officially open! It took a lot for me to get to this point, but I’m happy I’ve finally made it here. I’m still hiring dancers and escorts. I need experienced ladies who can dedicate 10-15 hrs/week to being active in my club. I would love ladies who can dedicate more time, but I know most are too busy. I can promise you that once traffic picks up, there will be a lot of money to be made. I’m in my club daily. Visit The Wages of Sin inworld:

I’ll be having a grand opening for my club as soon as I find a DJ and theme. The Wages of Sin Escort Club is located on The Wages of Sin sex sim which also features a private sex club and my Virtual Sex Academy where I teach classes on how to become a virtual escort. I understand that money is tight for many so I’ll be offering a major discount when I reopen my virtual classes. Inworld classes will be available a couple of times a week in a classroom setting.

The Wages of Sin sex sim also has a XXX Video/Content/Mp3 store. For now, only my content is on each level of the store, but I’ll be opening up my store for other online sex workers to sell their content soon. I also have a Sex Worker Marketplace in the sky of my sim which will hopefully be opening in late summer/early fall. I want to give online sex workers as many advertising options as possible. This is the purpose of The Wages of Sin sex sim.

Virtual Sex Workers

I know I already mentioned this, but I really do need ladies for my virtual sex club. My club is just now opening as of today(5/16) so traffic will be a little slow at first. So because of this, I don’t necessarily require ladies to stand in the club all day and night. When I’m online and I see clients in the club, I’ll send out a message in group chat. You will get clients, but it will take time. I’m advertising for my club everywhere so being a stripper or escort at my virtual sex club will be beneficial.

Message me inworld at sarabimaraj or email me at


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