Virtual sex sessions


Virtual sex sessions are one of the most profitable ways to make money on Second Life. For some, virtual sex gets them in the mood for real life sex. For others, they just love the concept of having virtual sex. Either way it goes, there is money to be made by providing this as a service.

Many users join Second Life daily without even thinking about the concept of making money on the game. Some don’t even think about making money until they realize that Second Life isn’t a cheap game to play. When first joining second life, you’ll want to make your avatar look presentable. This will cost thousands of lindens(sl virtual currency) and you’ll still need to budget for making upgrades.

Make money on Second Life

make money on second life

For those of you who don’t want to continuously upload money to live a lavish Second Life, then getting a job inworld is the best option. If you’re anything like me, working for someone is never an option. While there’s nothing wrong with working for someone, I have to always be in control of my income. So if you have the same mindset and enjoy sex work, selling virtual sex may be the best thing for you to do.

Voice Sessions and Texting

There is an entire adult world in Second Life that is centered around online sex work. Both women and men sell services with services being sold with voice and cam yielding the highest profits. When I started playing Second Life I offered voice sessions(phone sex) and texting. This was in 2012 and men were overjoyed when sexy avatars offered voice sessions. For months I never showed my real pictures. Guys only associated my voice with my avatar. No one even asked how I looked in real life. I believe it was because they were enjoying the fantasy.

Selling voice sessions(phone sex) is easy as long as you market yourself and stay consistent. Advertising on freelance sims such as Escort Oasis is a must to get clients. The more popular places you advertise at, the more clients you’ll get. A good tip is to stand around on sex sims. When someone messages you asking for sex, simply send them your pricing along with an alluring message. You should have a notecard with your pricing. I’ll make some videos on this later for my YouTube channel and make another post about this.

Hustle $$$

Texting sessions are profitable, but your hustle has to be fierce. If you want to focus just on selling texting sessions, you should emphasis this in your ads and make sure that your words are captivating. You’ll have to paint a very vivid picture in the minds of potential clients with the words in your ads in order to make money. I know a couple years ago, there were sims in Second Life that had freelance texting ad boards. I’m not sure if they still exist, but I’ll take a look around and make another post about advertising texting sessions.

While webcam girls are seen as making the most money, you can make just as much offering phone sessions on Second Life. Honestly, I don’t cam much at all. When I do cam, I only do it one or two days every few weeks. Those sessions are scheduled and deposits are paid. Why don’t I cam much? Because I make bank with phone sex, texting, and selling my pics. So can you if you have a plan and execute it.

Virtual Sex Work Plan

I’m creating a virtual sex worker plan which will be FREE to everyone on my mailing list! When it’s complete, you’ll receive an email with the virtual sex worker plan included as an attachment. This plan will assist you in becoming a virtual sex worker and earning as much as possible.

If you have questions about virtual sex sessions, you can always email me at


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